Importance of Education in Pro-Life Ministry

When speaking to others about pro-life topics, it is always helpful to already know enough about a particular topic so as to enable a meaningful discussion with a person, especially when the person disagrees with the pro-life position.

Pikes Peak Citizens for Life endeavors to facilitate this education effort in multiple ways both for our volunteers (especially our upcoming booth volunteers) and for anyone else interested in spreading the message of life.

One way is through our monthly newsletters, a number of which are available on our website.

We also make presentations to various groups. The presentations we have ready for audiences are also on our website.

Additionally we direct you to other resources which address many topics much more in depth than we could ever do ourselves. Many of these resources are referenced on the “Our What” page.

On the “Our What” page the various topics are presented in a list. Each topic in the list can be expanded by clicking on it. The resulting information provides other websites that may be helpful in learning about the particular topic selected.

For example, under the topic of “Abortion” is a reference to the site as a source for abortion facts and information. This particular site gives a brief yet thorough education on the case against abortion. Access this education directly from the Abort73 homepage (scroll down until you see the heading “1) Education” and then click on “Medical Testimony” to start your course).

I highly recommend this brief course to all our booth volunteers and to anyone who anticipates a discussion with someone who might question pro-life motivations and intentions.

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