How Many Children Can Fit on a Bus? – Fall 2020 Appeal

Every year in the State of Colorado more than 300 children die a violent death.  These very small children respond to music, kick, smile, blink their eyes and suck their thumbs.  Why do they die?  They are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A bus with 300 small children is hurtling down a broken highway toward a cliff, do we stop the bus, build a bridge, or fix the road?  The correct answer, the only answer, is all of the above.

Late term abortion is the Colorado vehicle sending 300 innocent children over the cliff every year.  Proposition 115 has given us a chance to save them.  Hundreds more die even younger.  As if that isn’t awful enough, now the elderly, disabled and infirm are being targeted for death by medically assisted suicide.  That is the broken road – a culture which wants doctors to kill people. It’s very sick.

Some in the pro-life community argue that Proposition 115 doesn’t go far enough.  They are right.  When the dust settles after the November election – whether Prop 115 passes or fails, pro-life Coloradans will return to the hard work of repairing our broken road.

Pikes Peak Citizens for Life will continue the road building with everything we have – building bridges with our companions in the pro-life trenches, saving lives, and repairing the road everywhere we can. 

Our entirely volunteer organization employs numerous means for road building including newsletters, booths, presentations, websites, and social media.  We take the message into the community through events such as the Life Chain and Roses for Life, and via billboards, radio and print adsWe sponsor training, such as Sidewalk Advocates for Life, to educate our fellow citizens in the defense of life from conception to natural death.

Your financial assistance will enable us to continue this educational effort to save lives, build bridges, and repair the broken roads as we restore a culture of life.  Thank you for joining PPCFL in defending Life!

Matt Niedzielski, President of Pikes Peak Citizens for Life

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