HOA’s Cannot Ban Political Signs

Churches across the state are handing out thousands of yard signs in opposition to the FATALLY FLAWED Assisted Suicide Proposition 106.

Some churchgoers have said they cannot take one because of the rules of their HOA… Here are the facts:

Colorado law – specifically the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (“CCIOA”) prohibits associations from banning political signs within a community.

CCIOA only permits associations to limit the number, size and location of political signs as follows:

Placement:  Associations may limit the placement of political signs by homeowners to the boundaries of their units – in/on the home or within the front yard.  In condominium communities, political signs may be limited to within the unit boundaries including in the windows of units. 

Number:  Associations may limit the number of political signs a homeowner may display to no more than one sign per political office or ballot issue that is contested in the pending election.

Timing:  Associations may prohibit signs from being displayed within the community prior to 45 days before an election and may require residents to remove the signs within 7 days after the election.

Size:  Associations may limit the size of political signs to the lesser of the following options: (1) no larger than 36 X 48 inches; or (2) the maximum size allowed by any applicable City, town, or county ordinance that regulates the size of political signs on residential property.

If you don’t have a sign, we have some available at the PPCFL office. Contact us.

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