Hillary and the Democratic Party Platform Have it Backwards

In her acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention (as reported by LifeSite news), “Hillary Clinton promised to enact the largest expansion of taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand in history.”

Clinton also said “That’s the only way we can turn our progressive platform into real change for America.”

And what does the Democratic party platform say? Just a few notes:

·         All attempts to defund Planned Parenthood of taxpayer dollars should be resisted.

·         Planned Parenthood provides critical health services to millions of people.

·         That any law that regulates abortion should be overturned, including the Hyde Amendment.

These platform planks were put forward by Clinton and other speakers, including Sen. Patty Murray, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Nancy Pelosi, Cecile Richards, Ilyse Hogue, and Stephanie Schriock, as being good for women.

The problem is that these are completely backwards. If we really want what is good for women, we would want to do the reverse of what the Democratic platform and Clinton suggest. In other words:

·         We should immediately defund Planned Parenthood. No more tax dollars should be spent on the killing of our children and the maiming, psychologically and emotionally if not also physically, of the children’s mothers and fathers.

·         Any critical health care service that Planned Parenthood provides can be easily provided by other organizations. In fact, pregnancy centers can offer most of the services for little to no cost at all, and no tax dollars are involved. Abortion itself is not a health care service.

·         Law should reflect the truth. So the law will be most complete when it protects women and children. In other words, the law will properly reflect the truth when it makes abortion illegal, just as murder is illegal (and who would suggest that it should be otherwise?).

Women and men will be best served when abortion is not only illegal, but is unthinkable.

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