Hearings at Capitol on Bills Concerning Life

On Wednesday March 24 there will be two pro-life bills heard in the House Health & Insurance Committee:

The committee hearing begins at 1:30 PM in room HCR 0112. As of today these two bills are scheduled as the 4th and 5th bills to be heard during the meeting.

You can testify in person, or remotely, or by writing to them. Details on these different testimony methods are provided on the legislative website at http://leg.colorado.gov/content/committees. When you get to the page, simply press the “Public Testimony Options” button for instructions.

You can also listen to the proceedings remotely. Go to the committee’s page on the legislative website and press the “Committee Audio” button. The Health & Insurance Committee page is at http://leg.colorado.gov/committees/health-insurance/2021-regular-session.

There will also be an anti-life bill heard on Wednesday March 24, this time in the Senate:

What does this bill intend to do? From the bill summary: “Concerning removing certain restrictions related to abortion services, and, in connection therewith, removing the requirement that the services be performed only at certain health care facilities and removing the requirement that only a physician perform the service.”

This bill will be heard in the Senate Health & Human Services Committee starting at 1:30 PM in room SCR 357. The webpage for this committee is at http://leg.colorado.gov/committees/health-human-services/2021-regular-session.

Please consider testifying, contacting the committee members, and/or praying about these bills and their hearings.

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