Gun Control and Legal Abortion

What do gun control and legal abortion have in common?

Gun regulation has been a prominent issue in Colorado this year. One of the more consequential questions has been whether the Colorado government has the authority to impose the gun regulations that have passed through the legislative process this year.

This question of authority is also of great importance to the pro-life community. Does government have the authority to legalize the killing of children?

Nazi Germany passed laws making it legal to oppress and kill people of Jewish ancestry. German defendants at the Nuremburg trials attempted to use these laws in their defense.

In the end, though, these German defendants were unsuccessful. The court ruled that the German government had no authority to legalize the dehumanization and killing of Jews.

Similarly, government has no authority to legalize the dehumanization and killing of children. Any defense of abortion based on the fact that it is legal will suffer the same rejection in a future court as the Nazi laws against Jews suffered at Nuremburg.

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