Glamorizing Self-Murder

Canada’s embrace of assisted suicide is continuing to intensify.

A Canadian retailer is glamorizing self-murder with a video!

As noted by LifeSiteNews, the “chief merchant for the chain,” Peter Simons, stated: “We really felt — after everything we’ve been through in the last two years and everyone’s been through — maybe it would resonate more to do a project that’s less commercially oriented and more focused on inspiration and values that we hold dear.”

Obviously, the merchant concluded that the “inspiration” and “values we hold dear” of assisted suicide would appeal to their customer base!

Therefore, if the marketing department isn’t off the rails, suicide is a selling point in Canada!

But it gets worse. As emphasized in the article, this video extols suicide as “The Most Beautiful Exit.”

Such is the blindness of those who embrace the culture of death.

Remember that assisted suicide is legal in Colorado. The blindness is here.

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