Glamorizing Self-Murder, Part 2

In November I noted the case of a retailer in Canada who produced a video glamorizing self-murder.

At the time I emphasized that the culture of death blinded people to the reality of suicide, making it possible for a retailer to actually extol suicide as being part of “values we hold dear.”

It turns out there is even more bad news in this story.

As reported by LifeNews, the woman featured in the “disturbing pro-euthanasia ad had wanted to live.”

It was after failing to obtain medical help in Canada’s government-run healthcare system that the woman, Jennyfer Hatch, “gave up and agreed to an assisted suicide instead.”

What can we conclude? The culture of death has not only permeated the general public and business, it has thoroughly corrupted the medical system and, in the end, corrupts individuals by leading them to conclude it is better to kill themselves than to seek true healthcare.

The culture of death is inhuman, pure and simple.

Colorado is in the grip of the inhuman culture of death. We must endeavor to reclaim humanity by building a culture of life.

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