Getting Past the Narrative

A communications expert provided some excellent advice for those of us trying to communicate to people who won’t get past the “narratives” set up by the media and political establishments.

As noted by LifeSiteNews, David Charalambous, in addressing the “Reclaiming Science Together” conference, “made the startling claim, in fact, that simply presenting facts to people of opposing viewpoints actually helps ‘cement’ their preexisting beliefs rather than move them closer to the new viewpoint being presented.”

I suspect you have likely had this experience yourself.

While the article is specifically addressing the COVID narrative, it is equally applicable to the abortion narrative which is getting louder and louder as we approach the Dobbs decision by the Supreme Court.

What does he suggest to get people to see past the narrative? “Stories, metaphors, and questions.”

Such a thing should be easy enough to do. Please check out the article and then try his methods when you run into someone who has become stuck on the narrative.

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