French Pan Unplanned

A private French channel is under attack from French officials, feminists, and the media for airing the movie “Unplanned,” as reported by LifeSiteNews.

Calling the movie a “misleading propaganda film,” the French critics mimicked American criticism of the movie.

Pikes Peak Citizens for Life (PPCFL) collaborated with the Respect Life Apostolate of the Catholic Diocese of Colorado Springs to show the movie to as many local people as would attend. Without this effort, few local people, I suspect, would have seen the movie.

One of PPCFL’s main purposes is to get information to you that won’t make it to you through other channels. This French event is an excellent example of the need for alternative media in our countries.

The culture of death must not have the last say on what is seen by each of us.

PPCFL will continue our effort to bring you the news on Life that you won’t hear from mainstream outlets.

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