Finding Abortion in the Constitution

New Mexico law allows for the killing of children, on demand, up to birth.

Novel new local ordinances, though, are attempting to address the situation, not by targeting abortion but “by requiring compliance with federal abortion statues,” as reported by LifeNews.

With regard to these ordinances, the attorney general in New Mexico “bypassed ordinary litigation procedures” and “asked the state’s high court to find a new constitutional right to abortion.”

It would seem this attorney general, Raúl Torrez, wants a Roe v. Wade-like court decision for New Mexico that “discovers” a right to abortion in a constitution that doesn’t have it in it.

Attorneys for Alliance Defending Freedom are on the case, though. Hopefully they will be able to deter the New Mexico Supreme Court from making the same mistake that the U.S. Supreme Court made in their Roe v. Wade decision, an error which took over 49 years to correct at a cost of millions of lives.

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