Experimenting on Embryos

As noted by LifeSiteNews: “An international body of scientists representing the stem cell research community plans to lift the current ‘ethical’ ruling that embryos can only be grown for up to 14 days for the purposes of stem cell research, allowing human embryos to be cultured indefinitely.”

What does this mean? It means that up until now scientists were doing research on live children for the first 14 days of their lives after which they were killed, and that henceforth the research will continue indefinitely on these unfortunate children.

As is made clear in the article, the previous ruling and the new proposal have nothing to do with ethics. The rules are very utilitarian, and they treat human beings as nothing more than property.

Such a view of human beings is straight from the culture of death which has our society in an iron grip.

What kind of research will they be pursuing? The creation of chimeras (human-animal hybrids), the manipulation of the development process, genetic editing, and possibly even organ harvesting!

It is vitally important that we rebuild a culture of life before we sink into the muck of barbarism.

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