Euthanasia – Physician Assisted Suicide – MAiD: Whatever you call it, it’s not compassion

Compassion, defined as sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it (, is a word we use often in our Pro-Life work. A related word, Accompaniment is a word and concept Pope Francis promotes as a vital duty of Christians with regard to our encounter with our fellow human beings. From his Apostolic Exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium #171, the Pope reminds us that part of this duty of accompaniment involves protecting the sheep from the wolves.

I was blessed this week with the opportunity to accompany a mother trying to protect her young adult daughter from the wolves who identify assisted suicide as compassion. In reflecting on the time I spent listening to this distraught mother, I realized that because of Colorado’s End of Life Options Act we will be faced with more and more wolves preying on the aged, the dying, and the disabled.

It is still shocking to me that some doctors are willing to prescribe poison to their patients under the guise of compassionate care. The sole purpose of this prescription is to end that patient’s life. I grew up believing that doctors were there to heal, to save lives. They are not Veterinarians who “put down” the suffering. Thankfully, there are still many doctors who see the former as their calling and reject MAiD (Medical Assistance/Aid in Dying).

However, as we have seen in Canada, and in several European countries, MAiD and even Euthanasia are becoming more common, and our brothers and sisters who are suffering, truly the most vulnerable sheep, are being admonished by wolves disguised as doctors that they have a duty to die.

If you are skeptical about this reality, please read this piece from a doctor in Canada who is still trying to protect her patients. (please ignore the typos; the article is clearly from the heart)

I am pleased to say that our local Pikes Peak Hospice and Centura Health/Penrose St. Francis practitioners reject MAiD as unacceptable health-care practice. They are allies in protecting the vulnerable. Unfortunately, UC Health/Memorial Hospitals appear to fully support the Act (based on information in this link).

In the course of conversation this week, friends have revealed to me that they were UNAWARE of Colorado’s law regarding end-of-life options. To my way of thinking, this ignorance is dangerous. For your own sake, and for that of your loved ones, I urge you to educate yourself on the realities of MAiD in Colorado and around the world. I also encourage you to learn about Palliative Care, a truly compassionate and accompaniment-based health-care discipline, and to reject the false compassion of organizations like Compassion & Choices (formerly the Hemlock Society).

Death with Dignity is a euphemism whose purpose is to mislead the vulnerable and suffering of our society.


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