DON’T MISS 40 DAYS FOR LIFE CLOSING CEREMONY 4-13-19, 11:24am, Sidewalk

40 Days for Life Closing Celebration!

Join us in our celebration of life

with Bishop Sheridan, Fr. Greg Bierbaum


Featured speaker, Sue Thayer, former manager of Planned Parenthood, who led a 40 Days for Life effort outside the clinic in Iowa where she once worked. She is currently Director of Outreach at 40 Days for Life.

We will also award the annual

Fr. Carmody Life Champion “Wilson Award”

Saturday, April 13 at 11:24 a.m. (Yes, 11:24 a.m.)

Centennial Sidewalk near Planned Parenthood

3480 Centennial Blvd.

Please park in east end of King Sooper’s Parking lot and walk over.

In case you haven’t heard, the 40 Days for Life Campaign has really been surging since the release of UNPLANNED, Abby Johnson’s story. (It is still in theaters, if you haven’t seen it, GO! It is incredible.)

For a few glimpses into recent Sidewalk activity locally, and around the country, keep reading!

In Colorado Springs:

  • Last Tuesday’s vigil (4/2/19) was totally filled with prayer warriors, all 24 hours! Way to go! Wed. and Thursday were almost totally filled, minus a couple of hours each.
  • Went to pray at 6pm today and had an awesome encounter! A single mom, Nicole, is a nurse, and she stopped by on her way out of work to give her testimony. She had some questions for us about resources for women from low income or abusive situations and told us to let moms know that no matter how hard it is, they can do it! Pray for this amazing mom, she was incredible!
  • Wednesday- Sidewalk Advocates reported 2 turnaways today! Neither woman was pregnant, but they both decided to go to Life Network for the other help they needed instead of Planned Parenthood!
  • Friday morning- It was a rough day at the sidewalk this morning. Sidewalk advocates gave out information about the Pregnancy Center to 3 people who stopped and took it, but those people continued on to Planned Parenthood. The parking lot at Planned Parenthood was extremely full with many couples staying in there for a long time. It was very heartbreaking since we know Thursday and Fridays are surgical abortion days. We won’t give up though and we will trust in the Holy Spirit that hearts will be touched and lives saved.  Please pray for all those who went in today. One young couple just broke my heart. They wouldn’t take any info. but their faces looked conflicted. They parked in the lot, but didn’t go in to PP right away. They were out in the car for 10 minutes before they went in. They were still in the clinic when I left.
  • The movie Unplanned is still doing well in the theaters. Because of the success of opening weekend, it opened up in 700 more theaters the 2nd weekend. Conversions are happening across the country!
    In Colorado Springs, we had 40 Days for Life volunteers who stood outside the theater and passed out cards and spoke with movie goers after some of the showings. Thank you!!
  • Throughout the country and world, 374 lives are known to have been saved so far this 40 Days for Life effort!


  • Nationally

Without exception, 40 Days for Life leaders are reporting a flood of both conversions and new volunteers hitting the sidewalks since the release of Unplanned. Read and rejoice in just a few of those reports:

  • “I prayed in front of Planned Parenthood on Friday after seeing the movie on Thursday. There were two young ladies that I know of who turned around and changed their minds.” –Riverside, California
  • “I saw your movie last night with a friend of mine who is pregnant. The father is trying to get her to abort, but I’m helping her stand her ground. We loved the movie, and, after watching it, she even canceled her ultrasound today at Planned Parenthood in fear that they would try to talk her into abortion.” –Location unknown
  • “One young lady with a big smile on her face asked if we were with the same group as the one in Unplanned. Upon learning that we were, she was very eager to learn how she herself could volunteer as well as get her church involved.” –Bellevue, Washington
  • “A new volunteer joined us on the sidewalk immediately after seeing Unplanned. In fact, she was still eating her popcorn while driving home from the theater.” –El Paso, Texas
  • “A couple who saw Unplanned yesterday said they decided from today on they will be at our location to pray EVERY DAY!!” –Phoenix, Arizona
  • “I just saw the movie Unplanned. I want to be an active participant and not a bystander. I have thought about volunteering in the past and never followed through. Sign me up for a Saturday morning.” –Marietta, Georgia
  • “I saw Unplanned with my sister on Saturday. To be honest with you, I was pro-choice…I have totally switched. I am pro-life! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” –Northern California
  • “There has been a flood of signups and inquiries as to how to take that first bold stand…” –Charlotte, North Carolina

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