Doing the Right Thing

There is a dark blemish on our beautiful city.  It is Planned Parenthood, the primary provider of abortions.  It is located in the vicinity of Centennial Blvd and Fillmore Street.  On the sidewalk close by, pro-life people gather to pray for the unborn and for the conversion of hearts.  As I was praying and looking at this evil facility, my mind wandered, thinking about so many other hideous crimes against humanity.  Under Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, it is estimated 100 million people were exterminated.  Under those regimes, if good and caring people protested they could be next in line!  Not so in our country.  In our Republic, power belongs to the people.  We can take action!!

Today we remember and are painfully aware of the insidious treatment to the slaves and American Indians.  For many years our laws did not protect them from injustices.  As a child growing up in Montana, I often heard, “The only good Indian is a dead Indian!”  Why didn’t good people take action?  There are lots of reasons.  The main one was they bought into misinformation that mainly the slaves and the Indians in some ways were not considered fully human.

Today, we face a similar situation with unborn babies.  Again there is so much misinformation.  But basic science proves the unborn is a human being.  Scripture tells us the unborn is a child of God made in His image.  Actually, they are as much our brothers and sisters as those outside the womb.  Statistically, it is interesting to note the mother’s womb is more dangerous than being on a battlefield in Iraq or Afghanistan.  Approximately 20% of the unborn are aborted.  Battlefield casualties run under 3%.

Let’s just look at our own awesome city.  I think if we were to compare the actions of our citizens to protect the unborn to a summer breeze, there wouldn’t be enough wind to ruffle the leaves on a beautiful aspen tree!  This is sad!  So Sad!!  Actually, the institution which should be carrying the ball in this struggle is our churches.  But forget that. For the most part this is not happening! Then look at the meager participation of the prayer group at Planned Parenthood.  Out of our city of about 400,000, only a handful comes to pray. Babies die but who cares?  When TV news exposed Planned Parenthood for selling baby body parts, several hundred people showed up to pray…but only once!!

What should one do?  Let’s take time to pray and process this information.  God knows what is happening and He knows who He has placed here to engage in the struggle for LIFE.  We should not be influenced or intimidated by what others are doing, but rather what God is asking of each of us. The late great pro-life congressman Henry Hyde from Illinois once said:  “God is not going to ask us if we overturned Roe v Wade.  He is going to ask us if we tried.”  Please consider making a commitment to periodically praying at Planned Parenthood. There is PEACE in doing the RIGHT THING!

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