Disguising Murder as Health Care – Fall 2019 Appeal

Fall 2019 Billboard

For some time now Colorado has been the “point of the spear” when it comes to the Culture of Death.

State Representative Dick Lamm drafted the bill that eventually made Colorado the first state to legalize abortion in 1967. This year the Colorado legislature passed “Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education” (HB19-1032) requiring teachers to instruct grade school children that the killing of a child by abortion is equivalent to giving birth to that child!

It was Governor Dick Lamm in 1984 who said “we have a duty to die,” presaging physician assisted suicide in Colorado.

The language manipulation that occurred with pregnancy (where murder becomes “choice” and a baby is “a blob of tissue”) is also occurring with end of life (where self-murder becomes “death with dignity” and choosing to live is considered a “burden” to family and society).

Language has consequences. Murder is now being marketed as routine and “compassionate” health care!

Our fall Choose Life, Colorado advertising campaign is about calling our state back towards life. Backing up the billboards, radio, and print ads, we have sponsored large-screen movies (Unplanned about abortion and Fatal Flaws about assisted suicide/euthanasia) as an antidote to the deadly poison spread by Colorado’s language manipulation.

The antidote is working. Viewers of these videos are now taking the message to others. Notably, additional volunteers have signed up for our Sidewalk Advocates program and for the 40 Days for Life vigil. Our other programs (website, newsletter, presentations, public arena tracking, booths, etc.) are also benefitting. As a 100% volunteer organization we devote all the resources you provide to delivering the antidote.

Please help us to continue administering the antidote to our local community with your financial gift today.

In the end we are all human “tissue,” so a preborn baby – as well as a person in distress – is one of us. Dignity is only expressed by aiding a person in living. Thank you for helping make Colorado a dignified place for all of us to LIVE!

Matt Niedzielski, President of Pikes Peak Citizens for Life



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