Denver Doctor Prescribes Death for Eating Disorder

In a scenario that confirms a prediction I made years ago, a doctor in Denver is concluding that killing some of her patients with eating disorders is the best care she can provide for them.

The story was brought to our attention by the Patients Rights Council and was published by the Colorado Sun.

I encourage you to read the article for insight on those members of our society, especially doctors, who are acting and communicating from the worldview of the culture of death.

As an example, the article notes the following:

[Dr. Jennifer] Gaudiani said she does not support using aid-in-dying medication for patients with other psychiatric disorders, but said anorexia is unique because it causes serious physical problems, including body distortion, osteoporosis and death from malnutrition. “That’s the key difference,” she said. “Depression per se, will not kill you. Anorexia nervosa will.”

Somehow she misses the point that the poison she gives people to kill themselves also kills them!

Note also the twisting of the language in the article: “aid-in-dying” (translation: assisting self-murder), “ending their lives on their own terms” (translation: murdering themselves), “lethal drugs” (i.e., human poison), “medical assistance in dying (i.e., doctors as accomplices in self-murder), and “right-to-die laws” (i.e., legalization of self-murder). This is by no means an exhaustive list.

Thankfully, other doctors see the danger in prescribing death for patients:

“It [assisted suicide] is in direct contradiction to treating mental illness, promoting hope for recovery and improving quality of life for our patients,” said Dr. Angela Guarda, who has testified against aid-in-dying legislation in Maryland.

Assisted suicide should never be an option, and doctors should never consider it an option for their patients. We must endeavor to rebuild a culture of life where human life is protected by doctors, not murdered by them.

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