Democrat Support for Proposition 115

The president of Democrats for Life of Colorado, Dr. Tom Perille, recently posted an article in Colorado Politics describing Democrat support for Proposition 115, a late-term abortion ban.

In the article, co-written with Democrat for Life activist Kristin Vail, Dr. Perille observes that Proposition 115 is presenting one of the “very few times in recent memory when Democrats and Republicans have come together on an important issue.”

The reason for this unity? The authors say “common sense.” “If a baby can be born at 22 weeks and survive outside the womb, her life shouldn’t be terminated inside the womb.”

Makes sense to me.

Furthermore, the authors state that “[a]pproximately one-third of Democrats across the U.S. are pro-life.” Even some “pro-choice” Democrats are said to be supporting Proposition 115!

If the authors’ argument is correct, then there is a good chance that Proposition 115 will garner the required support to become law.

We don’t have long to wait before we have the answer, one way or the other.

Please make sure you contribute to this answer by completing your ballot and returning it before November 3rd, and ask your family and friends to do the same.

Vote YES on Proposition 115.

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