Current Vaccine Candidates Have Links to Aborted Children

Just to keep you up to date, the coronavirus vaccines already on the scene or soon to be available have links to aborted baby cell lines used in some stage of the development of the vaccine.

The Pfizer vaccine was tested using the cell line HEK-293 which comes from an aborted baby (see LifeSiteNews for more information).

The Moderna vaccine used the HEK-293 cell line to produce the Spike protein in the vaccine (see LifeSiteNews for more information).

There are other vaccines being developed that don’t have connections to cell lines from aborted children. If you are considering vaccination, we would encourage you to only accept an ethically-produced vaccine.

Of course, you should only consider vaccination if it is really necessary. A former Pfizer vice-president is saying vaccination is no longer necessary since the pandemic is over.

We encourage you to inform yourself before making a decision to vaccinate.

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