Current Pro-Life Legislation Alarming Child Murder Proponents

A recent main stream media article, clearly written from the liberal perspective, dramatically describes how abortion (i.e., the murder of preborn children) supporters are fearfully concerned about the passage of various abortion bans in Southern and Midwestern states.

How do I know it is written from the liberal perspective? Easy. The Susan B. Anthony pro-life organization is called an “anti-abortion advocacy group.” Abortion is stated to be a constitutional right and is described as if it is a medical procedure no different than any other medical procedure instead of what abortion really accomplishes, the murder of a child and an assault (or even death in some cases) of the child’s mother.

Also, it is the liberal perspective that failed to detect the gruesome irony in a statement they quote in the article from an abortuary owner in Mississippi concerning the trend of the legislation: “I think it’s certainly more dire than it ever has been. They [pro-life organizations and supporters] smell blood and that’s why they’re doing this.”

Indeed, it is the desire to end the shedding of blood that motivates pro-life legislators and supporters to pass such legislation in these various states.

The article laments that “State governments are on a course to virtually eliminate abortion access in large chunks of the Deep South and Midwest.”

However, such a scenario is not something to lament!

Instead, it would be a tremendous blessing to these “large chunks of the Deep South and Midwest” to no longer have abortuaries consuming their children and scarring their women and men!

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