Cruel and Barbaric – Abortion at 22 Weeks

Proposition 115, to appear on the November ballot, is an attempt to end late-term abortion in Colorado.

If it passes the proposition will end abortions after 22 weeks gestation.

What is abortion like at 22 weeks? The website for Respect Life Denver, a group also working to get the word out about Proposition 115, has a helpful link to testimony from a former abortionist (Dr. Anthony Levatino) who describes what abortion involves at 22 weeks.

The video clip lasts for less than 3 minutes but it is not for the faint of heart! Babies are literally pulled apart and crushed in abortions at this age.

As noted in the “Did you know?” question at Due Date Too Late: “A 22-week preborn baby still in her mother’s womb is biologically indistinguishable from a baby born at 22 weeks. The latter is protected by state/federal law and the former can be arbitrarily killed.”

Proposition 115 will save 22+ week old in utero babies from a cruel and barbaric execution.

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