Consequences of the Culture of Death

Our society’s embrace of the culture of death can impose its grisly ideology in a host of ways.

In LifeSiteNews a woman has conveyed how doctors had pressured her to abort her babies. She tells how doctors would require immediate decisions from her, how they would not provide all options available to her, how she had to do research herself to learn of possible treatment avenues, how they cut her husband out of decisions, and how her medical providers would not accept the decisions that she made.

Furthermore she notes: “There was no support for my unborn baby.”

On another front, as the UK Parliament considers assisted suicide, already legal in Colorado, there is evidence reported by LifeNews that doctors in the Netherlands are being pressured to euthanize patients. “Cases of emotional blackmail” by patients were noted as well as family members “threatening to kill the patient” and then blaming the doctor. Pressure also came from time constraints, legal uncertainties, and “patients taking control of the process.”

Euthanasia’s normalization will have doctors concluding that some patients are “better off dead.”

Which brings us to a 103-year-old woman in Alabama who is “being held at an Alabama hospice against her will,” as reported by LifeSiteNews. Before a state-appointed guardian placed her in hospice “she could walk, was energetic, and was able to eat a regular diet.” Now “she’s not being properly fed,” is being administered “powerful antipsychotic drugs despite no history of mental illness,” “is bedridden, lethargic, and suffers from bedsores.”

She has told her daughter: “If you don’t get me out of here, they’re going to kill me.”

Such are the consequences of the culture of death. We can no longer trust the medical establishment to have our best interests in mind, including our own doctors and hospice.

As the woman in the first example above concluded her story: “Life is precious, we should cherish it.”

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