Consequences of Suicide-by-Doctor

Once you accept that suicide is fine and that doctors should be able to help people commit suicide, you eventually get to the point where others can impose suicide on people who do not wish to die, a scenario that we used to call murder.

Oregon, in the forefront of legislation to kill people, demonstrated this point by introducing legislation (as reported by LifeSiteNews) this year to starve mentally ill patients to death against their will.

Shockingly, the bill actually passed the Oregon Senate. Thankfully the bill was killed by a procedural move in the Oregon House.

While the bill failed this time, it is almost certain to come up again, not only in Oregon but in other states that have approved suicide-by-doctor such as Colorado.

The consequence of allowing a doctor to serve as an accessory to murder in the name of compassion (as the physician-assisted suicide proponents argue) is that murder itself becomes a “good” to be promoted in society.

We must shake off this culture of death and return to a culture in which murder is something to be avoided, not approved by law.

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