Comprehensive Sex Ed Bill Clears House

The Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education bill (HB19-1032) (details of the bill are available on the state legislative website) has passed the state House and will move to the state Senate.

Over 300 witnesses turned up to testify on the bill when it made its appearance in the House Health and Insurance Committee back on January 30th.

Those testifying against the bill greatly outnumbered those testifying for the bill, and with good reason. The bill has numerous disturbing requirements, some of which are listed here:

  • It concludes that comprehensive sexuality education doesn’t require instruction on pregnancy outcomes, but if pregnancy outcomes are included, it requires public school children to be taught that killing a preborn child is a choice equivalent to letting that child live.
  • It calls for “medically accurate” instruction yet rejects a primary role for sexual abstinence.
  • It calls for cultural sensitivity and yet explicitly ignores the religious sensibilities of the youth being targeted by the instruction.
  • It forces “sexual orientation and gender identity” ideology into the public school curriculum.
  • Essentially it imposes a state-enforced religious ideology, to the exclusion of any other religious viewpoint, on Colorado school children.

More analysis is available at Colorado Family Action.

Needless to say, such instruction will push pro-life perspectives literally out-the-door of the public schools.

This is how our local House delegation voted on the bill (see complete vote at legislative site):

Shane Sandridge (R-HD14) No
Dave Williams (R-HD15) No
Larry Liston (R-HD16) No
Tony Exum (D-HD17) excused
Marc Snyder (D-HD18) Yes
Tim Geitner (R-HD19) No
Terri Carver (R-HD20) No
Lois Landgraf (R-HD21) No


The Democrats have put the bill on the fast track so expect to see it in a Senate committee soon. Let your senator know now that you want him/her to vote against the bill.

More details will be coming later.

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