Comparing State Laws Permitting Doctor-Prescribed Suicide

In the wake of New Jersey becoming the seventh state, in addition to D.C., to legalize doctor-prescribed suicide/murder (as reported by LifeNews), it seems appropriate to remind ourselves of what we have here in Colorado, one of the states in the suicide-by-doctor culture-of-death club.

Fortunately, the Patients Rights Council has a great table that compares the laws from the different states and D.C. (New Jersey is not yet on the table).

One impression from the table is that these different laws are remarkably similar.

In Orwellian fashion, all of the laws declare that actions taken under the law shall not be considered suicide or assisted suicide when that is exactly what they are. Instead, the death certificate is required to have the so-called “underlying terminal illness” given as the cause of death.

In other words, the laws require medical professionals to lie!

Additionally, little to no counseling is required.

Furthermore, the laws do not prohibit applying subtle pressure on a patient to request doctor-prescribed suicide/murder. In fact, nearly all of the laws, including the law in Colorado, allow one of the required witnesses for the suicide request to be someone who is entitled to receive part of the patient’s estate!

In reality, any patient requesting their own murder should immediately be considered mentally incompetent for making such a decision and automatically placed in a counseling program.

But not in Colorado and the other states, and D.C., in this club!

Such is the insanity of the culture of death.

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