Communion Colorado October 8

Christians, believing God for the ending of abortion and coming revival in America, have fervently prayed the following prayer and taken communion. “Jesus, I plead your blood over my sins and the sins of my nation. God, end abortion and send revival to America.” After 18 years of praying The Life Band Prayer, we have seen a tremendous miracle with the Dobbs decision overturning the injustice of Roe.

“Now, we believe the battle for the states has been shifted,” proclaims Lou Engle. “We are going to the first state, Colorado, that legalilzed abortion in 1967, but it’s not just the issue of abortion. It is about the need for the church to unite together, under the body and blood of Jesus, to draw near to the presence of God. We are believing for something called the great Communion Revival.”

On October 8th, a massive communion service is planned at the Broadmoor World Arena. Communion Colorado will be a gathering for prayer, worship, and communion. It will be an assembly crying out for the ending of abortion in Colorado and for revival in America.

Before the overturn of Roe, Lou Engle prophesied the ending of abortion followed by a massive communion revival. Come be part of this historic moment, as Lou Engle says, “it’s Roe to Revival!”

“Communion brings us close to touching the very body and blood of Jesus,” Lou Engle explained. “In communion there is healing. In communion there is mental wellness. In communion there is drawing near to the presence.”

“On October 8th, we’re going to Colorado Springs, to the first state that actually legalized abortion, to the state that gave us Columbine, where the first shootings in schools, bloodshed began to pour out.” Lou Engle announced, “we’re daring to believe that the first state, now, that God is going to loose a great communion encounter with his body. We’re calling his church from all over Colorado to gather together, plead the blood of Jesus, draw near to the presence, and ask God to loose a great communion revival in America. Let’s dare to believe that the blood is going to draw us close to his heart, and the blood is going to cover this nation, to loose a great harvest of healing.”

This gathering is open for all. It’s a call to bring our own hearts to Jesus, and to cry out to him for our nation. For anyone who has participated in or experienced abortion, there is healing in communion. Communion brings us near the heart of our Father. It is not a judgment against you, and this is as much a gathering for you, if not even more for you.

You can register free for the communion service at

The Power of Communion by Beni Johnson is recommended reading to better understand communion.

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