Colorado Springs City Election 2023

Ballots for the 2023 Colorado Springs city election should be in your possession by now.

As with all elections, lots of political statements are being made. One that we hear often from politicians wishing to wiggle out from under a pro-life question is that the office for which they are running would have nothing to do with life issues, and so they won’t answer any questions seeking to learn their stances on these issues.

When you encounter such a response from a candidate, you should let them know that defending human life isn’t just one of many issues but a foundational principle upon which all decisions are made. Consequently, if an office holder doesn’t respect human lives, then any decisions he/she makes may be suspect, from health care regulations, to educational objectives, to sales tax decisions, to park operations, to pothole repair.

So, voters are entirely justified in asking candidates about their stances on life, and a candidate that tries to wiggle out of answering should be a candidate we cross off our list of possibilities!

In our usual effort to help you know where the candidates stand on life, we endeavored to speak to all the candidates in person and zero in on their overall stance toward life. We have compiled our findings in a survey that we have posted on this site. The results can also be seen in a more compact format.

Instead of endorsing candidates, we provide you with information that you can use as a guide when making your voting decisions.

You can also reference the work of another non-profit, Colorado for Life, for their conclusions regarding the city election.

We also encourage you to attend candidate forums, or view forums that have been recorded. We know of a couple of forum recordings that you may want to view:

Please check out the candidates and vote for those who will support life in their decisions!

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