Colorado Secretary of State Channels Planned Parenthood

The position of Colorado Secretary of State is supposed to be non-partisan.

Such is necessary because it is this office by which elections in Colorado are regulated.

Yet Democrat Jena Griswold, the new Colorado Secretary of State, forcefully pushed Colorado into partisan territory by enacting a Colorado boycott of Alabama because of the passage of the Alabama Human Life Protection Act.

Worse still, Griswold sought out Planned Parenthood to shape the language of her announcement, as is being reported by LifeSiteNews.

Clearly Griswold is totally owned by the Planned Parenthood child-killing business and, as such, she is doing their bidding.

Channeling Planned Parenthood, however, is not acceptable from the secretary of state.

The Colorado electorate made a huge mistake in seating a Planned Parenthood hack as secretary of state.

The Colorado electorate needs to correct this mistake.

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