Colorado’s Homicidal Ways

How many people have to die before we get our laws straightened out?

In Colorado a child in utero is not considered a person. Therefore, the death of that child under criminal or negligent circumstances is not considered a homicide.

Recall Michelle Wilkins, the Longmont resident who had her preborn child forcibly cut from her womb by attacker Dynel Lane in 2015? The child died but Lane was not charged with murder because under Colorado law this child was not a person.

Recall Heather Surovik whose preborn child died when the car she was in was hit by a drunk driver in 2012? Though the baby was just days from birth, no homicide charges could be made.

In 2012 Erika Galindo went to the hospital with a ruptured placenta. Misdiagnosed at the hospital, she was sent home and 38 week old Adriana died. The court dismissed her wrongful death claim because, you guessed it, Adriana was not a person at the time of her death.

Could it get any worse? You bet. Coloradoans will be voting on “physician assisted suicide” this fall. In effect, we (not just the doctors but the voters of Colorado) will be killing those we have already confirmed are “persons.” Yet the law, if passed, will say it is not a homicide!

So what kind of murders will we legalize next? We must vote NO on assisted suicide and revoke the “license to kill” against preborn children before the state turns it homicidal sights on someone else!

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