Colorado Democrats Accept Infanticide

The Colorado legislature heard testimony twice within eight days in early February on born alive infant protection bills.

The two bills, one in the House (HB20-1068) and one in the Senate (SB20-077), employed the same wording which would require physicians to provide care to a child that is born alive after or during an abortion. The bills were titled “Born Alive Child Physician Relationship.”

Planned Parenthood and its allies strenuously denied that such an event occurs, even after definitive proof (including a CDC report and US Supreme Court records as well as first-hand observations and even the Kermit Gosnell case) was presented to the committees documenting that it does in fact happen. They proceeded to argue that no law was needed for something that does not happen.

Democrats on the committees acted as shills for abortion supporters by going along with the obviously false narrative from Planned Parenthood and by even cutting off the questions of Republicans on the committees, most notably when acting chair Sen. Rhonda Fields (D) cut off a pertinent line of questioning from Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg (R).

Despite the stellar testimony from pro-life witnesses, both committees voted along party lines to kill the bills. Yes, you read that right, the Democrats voted unanimously against protecting these extremely vulnerable children from infanticide.

Why would they do such a thing? Interestingly, the Democrats were almost entirely mum on their reasoning, an understandable response since justifying infanticide is an impossible task.

However, the Democratic chair of the House committee, Chris Kennedy, tersely stated that he felt the bill might restrict abortion if it passed.

So there you have it. Abortion is so important that we must allow for infanticide in order to protect it.

Such is the diabolical reasoning once you go down the heinous road of justifying abortion.

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