Cold Weather Matches Cold Climate Towards Life

Last Monday’s Rocky Mountain March for Life was held during some cold, blustery weather in the Pikes Peak region. It was all the more remarkable given the unseasonably warm weather in the days before the march.

Despite the weather, event organizers counted about 126 marchers who made the 2.2-mile trek from the local Planned Parenthood facility to Corpus Christi Church over a route that took the marchers over I-25 on the Fillmore Street bridges.

Fr. Gregory Bierbaum, the master of ceremonies, kicked off the event by commending the cold weather as a sacrifice for the marchers that would be helpful in connecting them to the coldness of our culture that denies the right to life to all unborn children.

Cold weather, once again preceded by unseasonably warm weather, will meet participants in tomorrow’s Sanctity of Life Sunday event. The cold weather will once again focus us on the harsh climate faced by the unborn in our society as well as the aged, infirm, and ill.

So, dress warmly and join us tomorrow for our annual Sanctity of Life Sunday event in remembrance of the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions. While we cannot change the weather (though we will have hot chocolate available), we can change the climate towards life in our culture, and we will discuss just how we can do it at tomorrow’s frigid but heart-warming event.

See you there.

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