City Council Candidate Information 2021

The 2021 Colorado Springs City Council election will conclude on April 6. Ballots have already been sent to voters.

We are endeavoring to point you to as much information on the candidates as possible so that you can make informed decisions when you cast your ballot.

One source of information is our very own PPCFL candidate survey on pro-life issues. We have sent the survey to the candidates and have received some responses (seven so far). You can see the responses on our candidate response report.

In addition to our survey, the candidates have been canvassed by an interested voter and we have collected the results in the reported provided here.

A third source of information on the present city council candidates is provided by Colorado Springs Church Voter Guide which provides a more comprehensive look at the candidates on numerous issues.

I’m sure there are some other sources besides the three listed that can also be referenced. We encourage you to consider the candidate information/responses when you vote. Though some say otherwise, even city council members may be called upon to vote on life issues. One of the ways to build a culture of life is to elect representatives who will support life in their decisions as representatives of the people.

We encourage you to vote for candidates that will defend life at all ages and stages!

Check back for updates to the survey results.

Thank you for your efforts to defend life in Colorado!

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