Choosing to Reverse the Abortion Pill

A woman’s right to give an Informed Consent may be typically violated by abortionists. They are, after all, in the business of killing babies rather than saving them. All they need is the woman’s signature for consent to their treatment. For an early term pregnancy, they will have women take the Abortion pill before leaving their office.

The Abortion Pill is a drug that will prevent a fertilized egg to attach to the placenta, thus depriving living cells of needed nutrition by which they grow and develop. These cells will die within three days from lack of nourishment. The woman must then take a second pill, a drug that induces cramping in order to expel the dead tissue.  If a woman were to change her mind after taking that first pill, abortionists will say there is no turning back.

Are abortionists telling the truth? Maybe the person is from his/her viewpoint as an abortionist, but certainly not from the perspective of medical science. Abortion Reversal medicine is a shot of progesterone before those living cells die of starvation. Progesterone neutralizes the effects of the abortion drug, which allows a fertilized egg to attach to the placenta where life can grow and develop naturally in the mother’s womb.

Doctors Mary L. Davenport and George Delgado have trained other doctors across the United States to perform this abortion reversal for pregnant women.  Progesterone is considered by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) safe to use for pregnant women, and has been used by doctors for thirty years and more as a preventive measure against early term deliveries.

There is an Abortion Reversal treatment available today. Call 1-877-558-0333, and a registered nurse will assess viability if someone you know changes their mind within 72 hours after taking an abortion pill. They will give you names and numbers of doctors in your area who are qualified and willing to give women the Abortion Reversal treatment.

For more information, see Dr. Delgado’s APR website at

Or please call this number TODAY so they can connect you with the nearest physician who can help you and yours. 1-877-558-0333.

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