Caucus Resolutions 2022

Caucus time is upon us!

Republicans will have their caucuses on March 1 while Democrats will have their caucuses on March 5. See our February newsletter for more details regarding these caucuses.

Also in our February newsletter is a description of how you can offer pro-life resolutions at your caucus.

The February newsletter provides two detailed resolution examples and one short-form resolution example. These are simply examples that you can draw upon when tailoring a resolution for your specific caucus. You will be in the best position to discern what type of resolution will have the best chance of passing a vote of your fellow caucus members.

What are some topics you may want to fashion a resolution around?

From the February newsletter we offered three options:

  • Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn
  • Physician-Assisted Death
  • Ending Taxpayer-funded Abortion

There are other options as well:

  • Life Begins at Conception
  • Personhood of the Unborn Child
  • Ending Use of Fetal Cells from Abortion in Vaccines
  • Reporting of Vital Statistics Regarding Abortion
  • And other issues you discern might be accepted by the caucus.

I’ve previously heard from several past caucus attendees that shorter resolutions work better. Others have told me that the detailed reasoning in the long resolutions helped to get them passed in their caucuses.

You will be the judge of what is most likely to pass in your caucus.

Once you have composed a resolution, then introduce it in your caucus.

Then encourage other like-minded members of your precinct to attend the caucus with you. They will be a support when you offer your resolution.

If your resolution is voted down, don’t let it get to you. If you are able and ready, offer another one, or support a pro-life resolution offered by someone else.

Any resolution that is passed in a single precinct caucus is supposed to then be considered in the county assembly, so even if you don’t pass your resolution, it is entirely possible someone else in a different caucus will get their resolution passed.

The next step, then, would be to get yourself elected as a delegate to the county convention where the county party as a whole will vote on the resolutions.

So, thank you for supporting life by offering pro-life resolutions at your caucus!

And another thank you if you are willing and able to be a delegate to your county convention!

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