2010 Candidate Survey – Vote for Life!

By mid-October, anyone who has requested a mail-in ballot will be able to complete the November 2010 ballot, which will comprise: all Colorado candidates for U.S. Congress, the state elected positions (governor, state officers, the state legislature), El Paso County...Continued

Education and Action Groups

National Alliance For Life Ministries - Conservative, family-oriented organization with an interdenominational Christian philosophy. Based in Madison, WI. American Family Association - A family defense group that provides education and up-to-date action alerts on pro-family issues. American Life League -...Continued

Pregnancy Help

Pikes Peak Region Catholic Charities of Colorado Springs - provides compassionate, competent, and professional services that strengthen and support individuals, families and communities based on the value and dignity of human life. Life Network - offers positive alternative choices to...Continued

Youth Education

PPCFL Presentations:  What Do The Results Tell Us? This is the second year Pikes Peak Citizens for Life (PPCFL) has been doing a power point presentations on fetal development for youth groups in both Catholic and Protestant churches. The first...Continued

Colorado Springs Election 2013

The municipal election for Colorado Springs is on April 2nd. This election is by mail ballot. You should have your ballot by now. Pikes Peak Citizens for Life sent a survey to the candidates so as to better inform you...Continued

PPCFL President on News Channel 13

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - How do abortions really fit into health care reform? One billboard campaign is telling Colorado Springs that "Obamacare Funds Abortions." There are 10 billboards around Colorado Springs and they are funded by the non-profit group Pikes...Continued

Video Links: Are the Unborn HUMAN?

Lia Mills from Teen Defenders is back with another in her lessons on LIFE. In this video, Lia exposes the flawed logic in the 4 categories of arguments that proponents of abortion use to dehumanize our unborn children: Check out...Continued

Newsletters 2017

LifeLine, December 2017 LifeLine, November 2017 LifeLine, October 2017 LifeLine, September 2017 LifeLine, August 2017 LifeLine, July 2017 LifeLine, June 2017 LifeLine, May 2017 LifeLine, April 2017 LifeLine, March 2017 LifeLine, February 2017 LifeLine, January 2017Continued


Looking for more info? Check out these online resources! Pregnancy Help - check out pregnancy centers in the Pikes Peak region, and national groups that can help you find the support you need. Colorado Citizens for life -- our state...Continued