Glamorizing Self-Murder, Part 2

In November I noted the case of a retailer in Canada who produced a video glamorizing self-murder. At the time I emphasized that the culture of death blinded people to the reality of suicide, making it possible for a retailer...Continued

Glamorizing Self-Murder

Canada’s embrace of assisted suicide is continuing to intensify. A Canadian retailer is glamorizing self-murder with a video! As noted by LifeSiteNews, the “chief merchant for the chain,” Peter Simons, stated: “We really felt — after everything we’ve been through...Continued

Physician-Assisted Suicide is Dangerous for All

Proponents of PAS say there are only two options: suffering or suicide. Their movement prompts people to throw away often good years. It pressures medical people to take part. (In response to such pressure, some CA facilities now declare themselves...Continued

Demographic Winter Noted by Elon Musk

In our latest newsletter we touched on concerns about a “demographic winter” on the horizon. Unexpectedly, Elon Musk just weighed in on this topic as well, as noticed by LifeNews. Musk said: “I think one of the biggest risks to...Continued

Euthanasia Requires Vaccination

In a surreal development, Germany has now mandated COVID shots for people to be euthanized, as noted in LifeSiteNews. Yes, you read that right. In order to kill yourself, or have someone kill you, in Germany, you first must have...Continued

High Tech Eugenics Already At Work

China is forcibly compiling a massive DNA database to “improve the precision and controllability of population management” as reported by The Epoch Times. The report includes comments from Steven Mosher of the Population Research Institute (PRI) who notes that the...Continued