Remember Resolutions for 2020 Caucuses

The presidential primary is over and now it is time for the precinct caucuses. Please attend your precinct caucus on Saturday March 7! If you are unfamiliar with caucuses, the Secretary of State has a brief “frequently asked questions” (FAQ)...Continued

Vote in Presidential Primary 2020

Time is almost up to vote in the newly-instituted Colorado presidential primary! Super Tuesday March 3 is the deadline that we need to meet to have our vote counted. We urge you to support a pro-life candidate for president. For...Continued

PPCFL 2020 Political Candidate Survey

[Last updated March 6] The 2020 election season is upon us: the presidential primary is already past and the caucuses are to be held tomorrow morning. As we have done in past elections, PPCFL is surveying the political candidates to...Continued

Return Ballots by November 6

You should have received in the U.S. Mail your Colorado ballot by now. These ballots are for the 2018 general election which concludes at 7 PM on November 6. (The El Paso County elections website provides details on numerous aspects...Continued