Getting Past the Narrative

A communications expert provided some excellent advice for those of us trying to communicate to people who won’t get past the “narratives” set up by the media and political establishments. As noted by LifeSiteNews, David Charalambous, in addressing the “Reclaiming...Continued

October Together For Life

October's Together For Life gathering will feature Marcie Little from Colorado For Life sharing on the State of the State, and providing pertinent info on the pro-life cause in Colorado. This free event will be held on Sunday, October 17...Continued

French Pan Unplanned

A private French channel is under attack from French officials, feminists, and the media for airing the movie “Unplanned,” as reported by LifeSiteNews. Calling the movie a “misleading propaganda film,” the French critics mimicked American criticism of the movie. Pikes...Continued

Confirming Pamela Acker’s Sources

In earlier posts I referred you to an interview with Pamela Acker that touched on the relationship between abortion and vaccine development. One of the many shocking statements from Acker during the interview was that “babies are still alive when...Continued

States Enacting Pro-Life Laws

Pro-life legislation is continuing to be enacted in several states. As noted by LifeSiteNews, Oklahoma recently enacted three laws that protect the unborn: Aborting a baby with a detectable heartbeat will be considered a homicide.Aborting a baby for any reason...Continued

UPDATED: Vaccine Straight Talk

In a post on January 15 I brought to your attention a particularly informative interview of Pamela Acker regarding COVID vaccines. I have discovered that the interview is no longer available on YouTube but is available on Rumble. The following...Continued