Case in Point: Woman Dies after Late-Term Abortion in New Mexico

In a blog post last month I brought to your attention the medical conclusion, advertised in relation to the Proposition 115 ballot proposal that will appear on Colorado ballots for the next general election, that a C-section birth is safer after 22 weeks gestation than an abortion.

As a case in point, there is a tragic story of the death of a young woman in Albuquerque due to a late-term abortion at 24 weeks.

As LifeNews notes in their coverage of the story, the “late-term abortionist claimed that [the young woman Keisha Atkins] would suffer ‘substantial and irreversible harm’ unless she had an abortion.”

As it turned out, Atkins suffered substantial and irreversible harm, i.e., death, as a result of the abortion!

As the case works its way through the courts, it has become evident “that there was no medical reason to abort Atkins’ unborn baby who, at 24 weeks, was almost certainly viable. Instead, both she and her unborn baby died unnecessarily.”

If the equivalent of Proposition 115 had been in place in New Mexico, this young woman and her child would most likely still be alive.

Instead she was heavily drugged and illegally told not to go to the emergency room if she experienced complications.

Proposition 115 would ensure such a situation will not occur in Colorado if it can be passed by the voters.

Thank you for your efforts to inform others about Proposition 115.

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