C-Section Safer than Abortion

As I noted earlier, Proposition 115, an attempt to end late-term abortion in Colorado on this November’s ballot, has a website with answers to frequently asked questions.

One of those questions is the following: “Does your initiative provide for any exceptions?”

The answer to this question includes the following statement: “In a medical emergency, a C-section is far safer than an abortion. In fact, performing a late term abortion, which requires time for dilation, would be medical malpractice during a medical emergency.”

This statement clearly sets straight the misinformation from the abortion industry that touts abortion as being safer than child birth.

In trying to convince people to vote for this proposition, I think this basic truth, that giving birth is safer than abortion, will prove to be a powerful means of persuasion.

We have put this question and answer on page 1 of our September newsletter so you have easy access to it.

Thank you for your efforts to inform others about Proposition 115.

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