Black Preborn Lives Matter!

During the height of the “peaceful protests” in Washington, D.C., members of Students for Life of America sought and received permission to paint on the street in front of  D.C.’s Planned Parenthoods “Black Preborn Lives Matter”. They even consulted with the local police regarding the paint to use, and followed the guidance they received. On the day they were to paint, they were confronted at the location by police who told them they were not to paint the slogan or they would be arrested. The students instead used Sidewalk Chalk to convey the message.

They were arrested.

See the full story here

So now, Students for Life, and other pro-life partners, are putting up Billboards with this important message in the cities heavily impacted by the abortion of black babies. See more about this campaign here.

Pikes Peak Citizens for Life is proud to partner with local middle school and high school Students for Life groups around our region. We wholeheartedly support their work and encourage you to do the same.



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