Bills in 2021 State Legislature Regarding Life

Unsurprisingly, the state legislature has killed the pro-life bills offered so far in the 2021 legislative year.

House Bill 21-1017, “Protect Human Life at Conception,” a bill that has been introduced each year for many years now, was killed in the House Health & Insurance Committee on a party-line vote. Notably, Representative Susan Lontine (D) chastised the bill’s sponsors for bringing the bill before the legislature yet again. I have heard her disparaging remarks before and expect to hear them again next year as I plan to support the bill for yet another year.

House Bill 21-1183, “Induced Termination of Pregnancy State Registrar,” was defeated in the same committee, on the same day, as HB21-1017. It would have provided for more accurate and comprehensive abortion statistics for the state. Testimony for the bill included how such abortion statistics could be an aid to combating sex trafficking. However, the Democrats reflexively support abortion over everything, including combating sex trafficking, and they killed the measure on a party-line vote.

In the anti-life direction, Senate Bill 21-142, “Health Care Access in Cases of Rape or Incest,” has cleared the Senate and moved on to the House. Among other things this bill will allow non-physicians in Colorado to perform abortions. Of course, it passed on a party-line vote. It is an excellent indicator of just how seriously Democrats are concerned about the care of women – they are not concerned at all.

No surprises at all, but seriously disappointing results from the legislature.

A big thank you to local Rep. Stephanie Luck for introducing HB21-1183.

A big thank you to local Rep. Dave Williams for supporting HB21-1017 and HB21-1183.

A big thank you to local Senators Larry Liston, Bob Gardner, and Paul Lundeen for voting against SB21-142.

Shame on local Senator Pete Lee for his support of SB21-142.

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