Before You Vote, Check Out the Candidates

Very soon your 2022 Colorado general election ballot will be in your hands.

Before you vote, we encourage you to check out the candidates’ positions on matters regarding Life.

Pikes Peak Citizens for Life is conducting a survey of candidates regarding Life issues. We have compiled the responses we have received so far into a table for your use in evaluating candidates.

Other organizations are also compiling candidate information for your evaluation. One such resource that we are aware of is the Church Voter Guides report.

Let us know if you are aware of other resources that can help voters discern which candidates will best protect Life.

We advise casting your ballot close to the date of the election (as opposed to immediately after receiving it) since the additional time may provide you with further information about the candidates you will be voting on.

Once you have discerned which candidates are best for the protection and support of Life, then please cast your vote for those candidates and ensure that your ballot gets to an appropriate ballot collection point before the end of the election.

Thank you making the extra effort to elect candidates who support Life!

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