We can stop abortion facilities in Colorado

Could Coloradans prevent abortion in our communities? That is the question people ask up and down the Front Range. In response to Denver’s extreme Reproductive Health Equity Act, which permits abortions for any reason performed by unlicensed and untrained persons...Continued

Communion Colorado October 8

Christians, believing God for the ending of abortion and coming revival in America, have fervently prayed the following prayer and taken communion. “Jesus, I plead your blood over my sins and the sins of my nation. God, end abortion and...Continued

Pro-lifers fundraise for Value Them Both Recount

Kansas citizens recently voted on “Value Them Both” a proposed pro-life amendment to the state constitution clarifying that abortion is not a protected constitutional right in Kansas. This was the first statewide vote on abortion since the overturn of Roe....Continued

Pro Life Caucus Resolutions

Over the past 3 years, localities in Texas, Florida, and Ohio have passed ordinances declaring themselves to be Sanctuaries For The Unborn, which prohibit abortion within municipal limits. These groundbreaking life protecting laws have withstood attempts to undermine them through...Continued

Abortion Survivor speaking at Together For Life

The first Together For Life gathering in 2022 will feature Michelle Lyman, a woman with a powerful testimony of surviving abortion. Michelle Lyman, from Abortion Survivors Network, has a message of forgiveness and redemption that has blessed her entire family....Continued

He Gets Us | Jesus Was Born To A Teen Mom

"A girl got pregnant. She was scared. Her parents thought her boyfriend was the father but the baby wasn't his." Compelling messages communicate Jesus gets humanity's struggles. "Jesus was born to a teen mom. He gets us. All of us."...Continued

November Together For Life Gathering

November’s monthly Together For Life gathering will feature Connie Pratt sharing a presentation about The Culture of Death at the End of Life. In the first part of her presentation, Connie will explain where things stand today and how we got...Continued