United for Life Venue Change

For those of you planning on attending the United for Life event this coming Saturday, July 15th, be aware that the venue for the event has changed. Instead of being at The Road, it will now be held at the...Continued

Pro-Life Subsidiarity

As you know, the Dobbs decision by the Supreme Court has moved the matter of abortion back to the states. Therefore, it is important for pro-life efforts to recognize the importance of local organizing. “The Dobbs decision reminds us that...Continued

Roe Still Lingers

The Dobbs decision overturned Roe but it didn’t address the culture change ushered in by Roe. An insightful analysis by Hadley Arkes illuminates the problem. The justices that dissented in Roe chose to focus on the argument that there was...Continued

Keeping Women in the Dark

Colorado’s “Reproductive Health Equity Act” (RHEA) contains the following line: “A pregnant individual has a fundamental right to continue a pregnancy and give birth or to have an abortion and to make decisions about how to exercise that right.” (See...Continued

RHEA Admits Murder

The “Reproductive Health Equity Act” (RHEA), now a part of Colorado state law, defines “pregnancy” to be “the human reproductive process, beginning with the implantation of an embryo” (see paragraph 25-6-402(2)). Putting aside for the moment that the definition provided...Continued

Medical Establishment Anti-Life

Many people assume the medical establishment is pro-life. After all, doctors and other care givers are “healers,” right? Unfortunately, while some medical personnel are definitely healers, the medical establishment is not pro-life. A recent vote by the American Medical Association...Continued

Abortion Destinations

The overturn of Roe v Wade has ushered in a new environment in the United States: Life states and Death states. The Death states, like Colorado and New Mexico, have become abortion destinations for those seeking abortions from Life states....Continued

Finding Abortion in the Constitution

New Mexico law allows for the killing of children, on demand, up to birth. Novel new local ordinances, though, are attempting to address the situation, not by targeting abortion but “by requiring compliance with federal abortion statues,” as reported by...Continued