Life Chain 2022 Witness

Thank you to all of you who made it to one of our Life Chains yesterday, either in Colorado Springs or in Monument. While the weather was overcast and breezy (but not wet!), we presented a bright and warm witness...Continued

Two Abortuaries Closed in Colorado

Colorado’s abortion environment is altering in the new post-Roe reality. Two abortuaries in the state have been closed by Planned Parenthood, as reported by LifeNews, one in Steamboat Springs and the other in Alamosa. Indications are that the reason for...Continued

LIFE at the Ballpark

In case you missed it in our August newsletter, Pikes Peak Citizens for Life and Save the Storks will be sponsoring the Vibes ballgame on Friday August 26. There will be a special presentation by Matt Hammitt and his 11-year...Continued

Distorting Language Again

Alert people at Students for Life noticed that Google changed the definition of “fetus” so that it no longer contains any reference to “baby”. As noted in a report from LifeNews, only a few weeks ago the Google definition included...Continued