Euthanasia Requires Vaccination

In a surreal development, Germany has now mandated COVID shots for people to be euthanized, as noted in LifeSiteNews. Yes, you read that right. In order to kill yourself, or have someone kill you, in Germany, you first must have...Continued

Special Mini-40 Days for Life Vigil

There will be a special mini-40 Days for Life effort on Nov 30 and Dec 1. This two day effort will coincide with the oral arguments of Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which will be heard at the Supreme...Continued

Abortion As Population Control

Recently a British population control group proposed that reduced family sizes through abortion (i.e., child murder) will “save more carbon dioxide than all onshore and offshore windpower combined,” as reported at LifeNews. From this worldview, people are nothing more than...Continued

Puppies are Offensive? Really?

Dear Friend of Life, What if Planned Parenthood Killed Puppies? Then would you care? Our community engagement campaigns continue to reach new audiences. We are inspiring our pro-life community, disturbing the pro-abortion community, and causing those in the middle to...Continued

Ohio Act Borrows from Texas Heartbeat Act

The Texas Heartbeat Act has garnered a gigantic level of interest from numerous perspectives. In Ohio, it is inspiring Republicans to introduce a bill “to effectively ban all abortions,” as noted in reporting from LifeSiteNews. The Ohio bill “utilizes the...Continued

Bereavement Pay for Abortion

The LifeNews site has reported that Portland, Oregon, has approved bereavement pay for abortion. In other words, in Portland you can be paid for killing your child. Ironically, the bereavement pay admits that someone is lost in an abortion, a...Continued

The Coming School Board Election 2021

Ballots have already been dropped into the mail for the next election. Among other things, this election involves candidates for the various school boards around the area. Interest in the school board elections seems to be at a higher level...Continued

Women’s March Rejects Pro-Life Women

The Women’s March this coming Saturday October 2nd will have the Students for Life of America conducting counter marches since pro-life women were excluded from the Women’s March, as reported by LifeNews. Kristan Hawkins, the president of Students for Life...Continued