Right to Abortion to Appear on Ballot

Yesterday it was announced that Initiative 89, an effort to enshrine abortion in the Colorado constitution, will be on the November ballot. It is an amendment to the Colorado constitution, so it will require a 55% vote to pass. While...Continued

“Pro-Life” Republican Chooses Abortion

Last month three Arizona Republicans joined with Democrats in the Arizona House of Representatives to repeal Arizona’s near-total abortion ban. While it is no surprise to see Republicans supporting abortion, it is terribly frustrating when they continue to say they...Continued

Abortion Bans Don’t Prevent Care

Misinformation and disinformation about women’s care in states with abortion bans continues to circulate. One falsehood is that women can’t get care for difficult pregnancies in states with abortion bans. Dr. Ingrid Skop, an OBGYN, states (as noted at LifeNews):...Continued

Abortion Pill Horror Stories

If people knew some of the stories behind the use of the abortion pill, it would not be as popular as it is. An article in LifeNews about the horrors of the abortion pill reports that “[c]hemical abortions represented 63%...Continued

Saves at the Sidewalk

According to the local 40 Days for Life director, Michele Mason, at least 52 babies have been saved due to efforts by pro-life witnesses on the sidewalk since 2008, with another possible 12 saves that she can’t definitively include in...Continued

Significance of SCOTUS Abortion Pill Case

Some preliminary coverage of the SCOTUS abortion pill case concludes that the pro-life side will have an “uphill battle” making their case before the high court. Why is the case important? The dominant method of abortion is now abortion pills....Continued

El Paso Switcheroo in the Senate

Previously I wrote about Senate Bill 24-068 and how it aims at making assisted suicide (which is now being called “medical aid-in-dying” to disguise reality) easier to obtain in Colorado. The bill has now made it through the Senate. It...Continued