Abortion Evangelist Claims to be Pro-life

Twisted language is an oft used modus operandi of pro-abortion apologists. A recent example, as conveyed by LifeNews, comes from comedian Lizz Winstead. She calls herself an “abortion evangelist” and contends that women should be able to kill their preborn...Continued

Abortion Is Not Health Care

Democrats have concluded that talking about abortion doesn’t help them. However, they strongly support abortion, including taxpayer funding of abortion. So, as explained by LifeNews, they are going to talk about health care instead, with the understanding that abortion is...Continued

Return Ballots by November 6

You should have received in the U.S. Mail your Colorado ballot by now. These ballots are for the 2018 general election which concludes at 7 PM on November 6. (The El Paso County elections website provides details on numerous aspects...Continued

Ballots Soon To Arrive – Please Vote

Colorado ballots will soon be mailed for the upcoming general election on Nov. 6. (The El Paso County elections website provides details on numerous aspects of the election.) Please consider the candidates carefully before you vote. Consider the survey responses...Continued

How to Comment on Protect Life Rule

As noted in our July newsletter, the federal government is asking for comments on the proposed Trump Administration Title X rule change denying family planning funds to programs that promote or perform abortions. We encourage you to submit your comments in...Continued