Glamorizing Self-Murder, Part 2

In November I noted the case of a retailer in Canada who produced a video glamorizing self-murder. At the time I emphasized that the culture of death blinded people to the reality of suicide, making it possible for a retailer...Continued

Pueblo Ordinance Covered by Live Action

There is an ordinance before the Pueblo City Council titled “Ordinance Requiring Abortion Providers In Pueblo, Colorado to Comply with Federal Law.” The catalyst for this ordinance is the proposed construction of an abortuary in Pueblo by abortionist LeRoy Carhart....Continued

Pueblo Prayer Event, Sunday December 4

There is going to be a special prayer event in Pueblo this coming Sunday in regards to the planned late-term abortuary that is in the works there. Our partner organization Pro-Life of Southern Colorado is coordinating the event and has...Continued

Glamorizing Self-Murder

Canada’s embrace of assisted suicide is continuing to intensify. A Canadian retailer is glamorizing self-murder with a video! As noted by LifeSiteNews, the “chief merchant for the chain,” Peter Simons, stated: “We really felt — after everything we’ve been through...Continued

Lives Saved in Fall 2022 40 Days Campaign

The 40 Days for Life organization is reporting that 540 babies were saved, 6 abortion workers converted, and 12 abortion facilities closed during the recently concluded Fall 2022 campaign. The local Colorado Springs 40 Days for Life effort is reporting...Continued