Video of Celebrate Life March 2020

The 2020 Celebrate Life March in Denver was held this past Saturday January 11. Numerous people from southern Colorado, reaching the march via bus or auto, participated in this event which started with several speakers and transitioned into the march....Continued

Leaving 2019 and Starting 2020

Déjà vu! My first post for 2020 (this one) mirrors my first post for 2019. Sobering news about 2019 greets us at the beginning of 2020. Just as was the case in 2018: “More human beings died in abortions than...Continued

Persistence Required

Over the years I have heard several stories of women who were advised by medical personnel to abort their children because medical tests appeared to indicate that something was seriously wrong with the unborn child only to discover after birth...Continued

Human Life Begins at Fertilization

A recent commentary at sheds light on the “scientific illiteracy” of many abortion proponents. One such proponent suggested that we should hold funerals for sperm. Such a conclusion betrays an ignorance of basic biology that most of us should...Continued

High Tech Eugenics Already At Work

China is forcibly compiling a massive DNA database to “improve the precision and controllability of population management” as reported by The Epoch Times. The report includes comments from Steven Mosher of the Population Research Institute (PRI) who notes that the...Continued

December Newsletter Delayed

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the printed version of the LifeLine newsletter for December will be delayed in arriving at your mailbox. However, for those of you who want to get a head start on reading the latest news from...Continued

Death for Hip Fractures

In another reminder of the dangers of assisted suicide and euthanasia, there is a report out noting that three people were killed (euthanized) in Quebec within a one year period for hip fractures. More broadly, euthanasia now accounts for nearly...Continued