Is a COVID-19 Vaccine Good News?

COVID-19 Vaccine & Treatment Update (presented originally in PPCFL NOV 2020 LIFELINE Newsletter) On the same day that President Trump unveiled a deal with CVS and Walgreens to make COVID19 vaccines available to senior citizens and nursing homes at “no...Continued

A Text Conversation on Prop 115

  On October 9th, I received the following text: Hi Julianne, it's Emily with No on 115. Prop 115 is an intentionally confusing attempt to ban abortion in CO with no exceptions for rape, risk to a woman's health, or...Continued

Fall Billboards Are Up!

Pikes Peak Citizens for Life Billboards are  up all over town As you're driving around Colorado Springs, we hope you'll look for them and let us know what you think. We are focusing on Prop 115 this campaign because we believe...Continued

A Story of Hope from a Guest Blogger

Friends, below is a story that, I believe, will move your hearts. It certainly moved mine. Thank you to Joyce Lynn for sharing so beautifully this story of HOPE. For my thoughts are not you thoughts, neither are your ways...Continued

Black Preborn Lives Matter!

During the height of the "peaceful protests" in Washington, D.C., members of Students for Life of America sought and received permission to paint on the street in front of  D.C.'s Planned Parenthoods "Black Preborn Lives Matter". They even consulted with...Continued

RNC 2020 – Most Pro-Life Convention EVER!

The 2020 Republican National Convention has been called the most pro-life convention ever. If, like me, you missed the RNC broadcast, fear not. The speeches are available via YOUTUBE, and I highly recommend you AT LEAST seek out and watch...Continued

Vote Yes on Proposition 115

What we came to know as Initiative 120 or Due Date Too Late, the initiative to end abortion after 22 weeks gestation in Colorado, has a new name. The initiative will appear on the Colorado November 3rd Ballot as Proposition...Continued