Doing the Right Thing

There is a dark blemish on our beautiful city.  It is Planned Parenthood, the primary provider of abortions.  It is located in the vicinity of Centennial Blvd and Fillmore Street.  On the sidewalk close by, pro-life people gather to pray...Continued

HOA’s Cannot Ban Political Signs

Churches across the state are handing out thousands of yard signs in opposition to the FATALLY FLAWED Assisted Suicide Proposition 106. Some churchgoers have said they cannot take one because of the rules of their HOA… Here are the facts:...Continued

The Fight for Life: Billboards and Media

With all the bells and whistles of modern communication and social media, billboards remain an extremely effective form of advertising and are a key component of Pikes Peak Citizens for Life’s multi-media strategy for reaching citizens of every age and...Continued


Many ballot initiatives have serious unintended consequences, but none worse than Physician Assisted Suicide Initiative 145. First think “U” – Unintended consequences that cause irreversible harm. Including “D” – Doctors under enormous pressure to kill rather than heal. “I” –...Continued

Shared Thoughts

This post is based on three quotes. Fr Paul Wicker, Pastor of Holy Apostles Catholic Church, put me in touch with Cynthia P. Cerny, author of “Waiting for a Name.” Cynthia, due to her unique experiences, what she writes are...Continued

A Glimpse of Hell

On Feb 16, 2016, Mr. Steve W. Mosher made a most impressive pro-life presentation at St Dominic’s Church.  (In fact, sitting behind my wife and me was Fr. Bill Carmody who passed away the following night.) Just a little research...Continued

Colorado Lawmaker Seeks the Truth for Women Considering Abortion

Pro-life Colorado Representative Lori Saine (R-63) is sponsoring legislation to provide critical medical information to women who are considering an abortion.   Known as the Women’s Reproductive InformationGuarantee for Health Transparency (RIGHT) Act, Saine’s bill stipulates that at least 24 hours...Continued

Be Not Afraid!

“Feed Domestic Terrorism”!  This is what the CEO of Planned Parenthood (PPH) claimed how the actions of pro-life people lead Robert Dears, a mentally ill man, to kill three people and wound nine others at the PPH clinic in Colo...Continued

Making a Difference Everyday

It’s interesting to note that the abortionists know how many babies they destroy. However, you do not hear people like Planned Parenthood touting their number of KILLS.  But on the other hand, the pro-life people rejoice over saving even ONE...Continued