Assisted Self-Murder via Waterboarding

Yesterday I noted how assisted self-murder is now becoming a recognized medical treatment thereby undermining medical health care.

What is this ‘treatment’ like? It is not a “painless death,” as advocates of assisted suicide contend, but is  much more like “a drowning and it’s stated as akin to dying by water boarding or drowning,” as noted in a report from LifeSiteNews.

That report is specifically addressing the situation in Canada but notes the similarity to U.S. cases of lethal injection.

Compounding the situation is that the “drowning” can take up to 24 hours to complete the grisly business of killing someone.

Why is assisted suicide being pushed by the Canadian government? One major reason is to save money. It is cheaper to kill someone than to provide real health care to them!

As long as assisting in the self-murder of someone is legal, the medical health care system will be subverted and undermined.

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