A billboard campaign in Ohio has recently advertised that abortion is a “parenting decision.” In truth, of course, abortion is really an anti-parenthood decision.

Forty-five years ago the Supreme Court established anti-parenthood as the law of the land in the tragically erroneous decisions of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton.

Even more tragic, though, is that “we the people,” who supposedly are in control of our government, have allowed these horrendous decisions to stand.

We must delay no longer in correcting this atrocious mistake.

First, we must personally choose to avoid any road that leads to abortion. If we find ourselves with an unplanned pregnancy, we should seek help from family, friends, and/or a pregnancy center, never from an abortionist. In the end abortion never helps, it only hurts.

Second, we must endeavor, short of forcible restraint, never to let anyone we know go down any road that leads to abortion.

Third, we must rebuild a culture of life by, among other things, helping pro-life organizations, beginning or strengthening pro-life groups at our churches and civic institutions, boycotting organizations and businesses that support abortion, and voting only for political candidates who defend life.

Let us once again exercise our duty as citizens and end the support for anti-parenthood in our society.

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